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David, Sharleen and kids live in Lake Shore Utah. We live in an old home that was built in 1902. We have been renovating with the help of family and friends. David works for the Utah Farm Bureau Federation as the Vice President of Organization and Sharleen works hard at home taking care of David and the kids. We have 4 kids(Graham, Lilly Ty & Clara). We have a lot of fun together gardening, fixing this old house and running around like crazy just the same as all of you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recently David was able to go to Texas and visit his old friend - Dr. Wood. Logan makes everyone call him Dr. now. Acutally while we were there I refered to Logan as Dr. Wood and Logan's little girl Sydney piped up and said "dad your not a Dr. your a dentist" we all got a kick out of that. Neil and Mitz also were there. We all were in San Antonio for a Farm Bureau convention, on a free day we rented a car and made the 2 hour treck south to Victoria. Tracy cooked us a fabulous meal and we had lots of fun playing games. What a nice place they have there in Victoria Texas. Thanks Dr. & Mrs. Wood for a fun evening full of good ol' Texas hospitality. Oh by the way - no other Wood brother or sister has yet to visit Logan and Tracy in Texas, I guess that tells you what kind of a friend I am. Thanks again for letting us come and visit. I was able to make a fast friendship with little Kellen. What a great family!


John and Sherri said...

Dr. Wood! That's crazy. I just caught up with your blog- your family is beautiful! This is such a great way to keep in touch!

Lindhardts said...

Sharlene- Hey I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family. Your little Clara is a doll. Congrats.
Lana (Rollo)

Logan and Traci Wood said...

Hey...what a cute family the woods are...just teasin'. Hey we loved having you guys come and visit us. I hope you survived the drive back to San Antonio...obviously you did because you are back home but we hope to see you all again soon! Tell the fam HI

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