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David, Sharleen and kids live in Lake Shore Utah. We live in an old home that was built in 1902. We have been renovating with the help of family and friends. David works for the Utah Farm Bureau Federation as the Vice President of Organization and Sharleen works hard at home taking care of David and the kids. We have 4 kids(Graham, Lilly Ty & Clara). We have a lot of fun together gardening, fixing this old house and running around like crazy just the same as all of you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well I was able to fill up two pots of water this morning with out going to the bathroom to get the water! Hurray! My sink is in along with my counter tops! What a wonderful thing to have a full functional Kitchen again! We still have a extensive list of things to do like the floor, doors, trim and so forth but we are grateful for the kitchen we have now and are really grateful for all the good help we have received! In other Bailey news, David has started his new job as the Vice Pres. of Organization. We are so proud of him, we are trying to adjust to him going to the office instead of his home office! Ty turned three this week and I can't believe how quick time goes by! He is a great little boy and we are so happy he is a part of our family! Well that's a real quick update and I will post pictures soon!


The Bailey's said...

happy birthday Ty!!!! We are excited to give ethan his bike for his birthday next month. Congrats on the new sink. david sent some photos over the phone....looks great. Looking forward for more photos and some more about davids new job.

Jared said...

Kitchen looks great. Looking a little gray my friend1 jaredandteresalayton.blogspot.com

Dave, Shar and fam said...

Well my motto is - The grey stays. Hey when are you coming out this way? I thought about stopping by when I was out in Mass this summer - things were a little crazy though.

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Dbailey Fam Summer 08
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